Softlin Basic 24cm 1-ply napkin – personalized

Softlin Basic napkins complete the look and complement the mood of café or restaurant.

Suit the most challenging and confined spaces thanks to practical packaging solutions.

Softlin Basic napkins are safe to use and traceable throughout the production chain. The materials we use have been proven fit for purpose. All Fiblon napkins have the wineglass and fork food safe symbol. This symbol means that a product is proven safe for contact with foods in the way that is meant to be used. The napkins can be used for short periods of contact even in direct contact with foodstuffs.

SOFTLIN Basic napkins are biodegradable and also meet the requirements of composting. They are manufactured responsibly, safely, respecting the environment.

The high-quality, coloured napkins for professional use are always manufactured from pulp-dyed soft tissue paper. This is to avoid the excessive use of printing inks. When designing printing for napkins, it is definitely worth turning to a professional. We at Fiblon are renowned for our 35 years of experience with food safety challenges and end-uses. We have gained in-depth expertise particularly in the challenges posed by professional use. It makes a big difference what kind of design is printed on the product. By collaborating with one of our experts, you can ensure that the product is safe to use. Turn to the Fiblon professionals for help!

Personalized products tell your unique story and underline your visual appearance. Personalized products are also great marketing tools.

After use napkins are sorted into bio waste or energy waste.

Packaging and materials

  • Size: 24 x 24 cm
  • 45 pieces / wrapping
  • 100 wrappings / case
  • Napkin: tissuepaper
  • Wrapping: polypropen PP 05
  • Case: corrugated board

Color selection and patterns

Order numbers

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You can get this product personalized!

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